Supper Club Tribute

In-PersonEast Lakeview, Chicago


Large (15-20 Guests)
american, vegan, vegetarian
Vegan, Vegetarian
An ode to Midwest Supper Clubs! Originally, Jen and I made this meal as a big sendoff in San Francisco before we moved to Chicago. They were popular enough, we ended up having two 'Last Suppers' for 50 people. The Bay Area had never heard of many of these dishes that I grew up with in Wisconsin, but I'm pretty certain most of these are familiar to anyone in Chicago. Come join us as we indulge in good food, good drink, and conversation with a community of people who know what a supper club is.

Menu detail

Water chestnuts, wrapped in smoked eggplant bacon, with a brown sugar, soy, ginger glaze. Rumaki is a mock-Polynesian hors d'oeurve that appeared around the 1940's. It was always one of my favorites when I went to my Aunt Karens house. Here, of course, we make it vegan. If you haven't tried rumaki, it might be your next party staple.
Seared Trumpet Mushroom Scallops with Cocktail Sauce
We'll marinate king trumpet mushrooms, slice them into scallops, pan sear them, and serve them with some zesty cocktail sauce. Shrimp cocktail is a thing in supper clubs, but the scallop cocktail was even fancier. You'll be feeling very retro when you're eating your scallop cocktail, sipping an Old Fashioned, while listening to some Dean Martin. I'll be sure to bring the tunes...
Little Gem Salad: With our housemade 'Blue Cheese' Dressing.
Small Plate
The classic 'wedge' salads often use iceberg lettuce, but we can do one better with little gem lettuces. We make our own 'blue cheese' which we'll use to make the dressing, which we'll spike with with some powdered sea vegetable to put it over the top. The salad will be served with green onion, fire roasted tomato, and fresh herbs.
Kelseys Jackfruit 'Crab Cakes' with Old Bay Aioli
Small Plate
This dish was inspired by one of our cafe patrons (Kelsey!) who requested we make a crab cake. It became one of our tastiest creations! Served with Old Bay Aioli.
Loaded Twice-Baked Potato
Small Plate
We'll fill the baked potato with melted cashew cheese, crispy seitan bacon bits, broccoli crowns, and a whipped cashew sour cream. Topped with chives! In the last 'Vegan Iron Chef,' I improvised a loaded (mini) baked potato, and it was a bit hit with the judges. This time, we'll hollow out the potato, mash it, and pipe it back in with all the delicious ingredients.
Root Vegetable, Chickpea, and Lentil Roulade
Black beluga lentils, chickpeas, and a root vegetable mirepoix are rolled in a wheat dough, and baked. Sliced, seared, and served to you with broccolini and a red wine and beet sauce. More French than Midwestern, but roulades have made appearances in a few fancy Wisconsin and Illinois restaurants.
Grasshopper Pie with Newman-O Cookie Crust
The 'grasshopper' is a classic after dinner drink made with Creme de Menthe. 'Grasshopper Pie' is a Midwestern supper club staple, and was always one of my favorite desserts. We'll be making it with aquafaba, and a Newman-O cookie crust. Classic!

Supper Club Tribute

In-PersonEast Lakeview, Chicago
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