Modern Vegan: Whole Vegetable Cookery

In-PersonEast Lakeview, Chicago


Large (15-20 Guests)
Vegan, Vegetarian
Cooking vegetables whole allows you to taste the spectrum from deep caramelization on the outside to barely cooked on the inside. Imagine finely chopping an onion, and sauteeing it in a pan until it's soft. Now imagine roasting a whole onion over a fire, peeling off the charred exterior, and eating the segments dipped in a rustic herb sauce. That's one of the 15 vegetables we'll cook whole. We'll utilize the flavors of whole vegetable cooking, and refine it into beautiful dishes for you.

Menu detail

Carrot and Papaya Lox on Rice Cracker
Salt roasted carrots, sliced and cured, with edamame, and kelp caviar on rice cracker. Cured papaya with salt-pickled papaya seeds on rice cracker. Both fruit and vegetable being cured in the same fashion, with different textures and flavors.
Roasted Japanese Sweet Potato & Charred Leek Soup
Small Plate
We'll roast whole Japanese sweet potatoes and grill whole leeks to combine with a rich Japanese stock flavored with sake and mirin wine to make a velvety umami rich pureed soup, topped with a yuzu crema, pea tendrils, and grilled shishito peppers.
Grilled Turkish Chop Feta Salad
Small Plate
We'll be roasting several whole vegetables until they are smoky, soft, and sweet, like Persian eggplants, sweet red onions, ruby grapes, and endives, then tossing them with fresh greens, crisp vinaigrette, pomegranate seeds, sumac berries, and our fresh almond feta.
Chimichurri Marinated Cauliflower Steak
We'll roast whole cauliflower marinated in chimichurri sauce, then slice it, marinate it again, and sear it to perfection. Served with a buckwheat and black garlic risotto, smoked lentils, roasted peppers, a meyer lemon aioli, and doused with fresh herbs.
Baked Apple with Roasted Persimmon Ice Cream
A baked, stuffed apple filled with a golden raisin oat crumble, and topped with a roasted sweet persimmon ice cream and a little basil.

Modern Vegan: Whole Vegetable Cookery

In-PersonEast Lakeview, Chicago
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