Fancy Plants 13-Month Anniversary Dinner!

In-PersonEast Lakeview, Chicago


Large (15-20 Guests)
Gluten Free, Vegan
Our little cafe has turned 13! (months old). We were a little too busy during the 1 year mark to throw a dinner party, but 13 is a bakers dozen, which sounds very appropriate. We'll make it celebratory with some of our signature dishes, like Saganaki (aka, flaming vegan cheese), seared Brussels sprouts with smoked eggplant bacon and almond parmesan, 'Melting Mushroom Soup,' our roasted polbano and yuba filled tamales with mole, avocado, and burrata, followed by the miracle berry, which alters your tastebuds to turn sour into sweet, followed by a sour Japanese yuzu tart, which through the magic of the miracle berry, is now sweet! We look forward to a really fun night, and look forward to feeding you!

Menu detail

Saganaki: Flaming Vegan Cheese
We make our own house-made vegan cashew based cheese, and will be setting it on fire, dousing it with a little lemon, and then adding some olive oil and herbs. Served with our toasted (gf) nut and seed bread!
Melting Snow Mushroom Soup
Small Plate
Hon shimeji and black chanterelle mushrooms, fermented savoy cabbage, pickled chiles, and pea shoots dusted in sesame snow. Served with a warm Thai hot and sour mushroom broth.
Seared Brussels: Eggplant Bacon, Almond Parmesan
Small Plate
We love deeply seared Brussels sprouts, and pairing them with shallots, garlic, our smoky eggplant bacon, almond parmesan, and fresh herbs sounds really tasty. Maybe a touch of balsamic reduction...
Poblano & Yuba Tamales: Mole, Avocado, & Burrata
Poblano chiles, seared yuba chorizo, and meltable cashew cheese filled tamales. Served with mole, avocado, and cashew burrata
Miracle Berry
The 'miracle berry' is a West African fruit that contains 'miraculin' compounds that bind to your taste buds, causing sour foods to be perceived of as sweet for an hour. Some call the practice 'flavor tripping,' and we'll eat it before our dessert.
Yuzu Panna Cotta with Green Apple Compote & Thai Basil
We'll make a cultured soymilk yogurt, infuse it with fresh yuzu citrus juice, and set it with agar. We'll then top it with Thai basil and a green apple compote. All this with no added sugar, but many sour elements that the 'flavor tripping' effects of the miracle berry will make sweet.

Fancy Plants 13-Month Anniversary Dinner!

In-PersonEast Lakeview, Chicago
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