Secret Ingredient Dinner! (with a winner...)

In-PersonEast Lakeview, Chicago


Large (15-20 Guests)
Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
This is a very tasty and exciting dinner where we may have a winner! I'm in Vegas right now, and it may have helped inspire this. Think of it like a game show, where anyone in the audience can play. You get a menu, and we feed you 5-courses of inspired vegan fare. The same 'secret ingredient' is in each and every one of the 5-dishes we feature, and if you know what it is at the end of the meal, you'll get a prize. 1) There can be up to 17 people at the dinner, so 17 people may choose to play. 2) The Winner gets a Free Seat to Any of our Future Dinners The Followups get a $20 Gift Certificate for Fancy Plants Cafe We'll have little bits of trivia throughout the evening with other prizes 3) The secret ingredient is challenging enough so that a few people may win. If so, there will be a Final Challenge to determine The Winner, who gets a Free Seat to any Future Dinner. Whoever guesses the Secret Ingredient to get into this final round gets a $20 gift certificate. Come play!

Menu detail

Cured Vegetable Crudo
Slow cooked and cured plum tomato, eggplant, and nectarine sashimi with shaved fennel, lemon olive oil, black garlic, puffed grain crumble, and mint.
Frito Misto
Small Plate
Frito Misto is 'mixed fry' in Italian, and is like tempura. We'll fry you up asparagus, thin sliced lemon, scallion, chrysanthemum tips, and lotus root in a light batter, and serve it with a yuzu-kosho aioli
Crackers & Spreads Salad
Small Plate
Liptaur style vegetable and herb sunflower cheese with vegetable oat crackers, beet and sumac tartar with pickled red onions and sliced Asian pear, served with a nice bouquet of complex greens dressed in a red-wine vinaigrette. Build yourself a bite.
Hot Tamales!
Chile-braised yuba and meltable cheese filled tamales, housemade mole, avocado, and whipped cashew sour cream.
Chocolate-Allspice Tart with Poached Pear Brulee
We'll make a nutty, crunchy tart crust, top it with our chocolate allspice mousse, and layer it with poached, bruleed pears

Secret Ingredient Dinner! (with a winner...)

In-PersonEast Lakeview, Chicago
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