Modern Vegan Greek Experience

In-PersonEast Lakeview, Chicago


Large (15-20 Guests)
We love the flavors of Greek cuisine, but are curious to dress it up into a vegan fine dining experience! We'll have Vegan Saganaki (aka Flaming Vegan Cheese) with Pita, Asparagus a la Plancha with our Homemade Cultured Greek Yogurt, Lemon, Fresh Oregano, and Black Olive Crumble, Sumac Dusted Fried Oyster Mushroom Calamari with Safflower-Lemon Aioli, Whole Wine Braised Artichoke with Smoked Lentils, Tzatziki, and Cauliflower Skordalia, and for dessert, our very own Baklava Croissants baked crisp with a Toasted Pistachio, Agave, and Rosewater Glaze! Come join us for a fantastic dinner!

Menu detail

Saganaki: Flaming Vegan Mozzarella
We make our own house-made vegan mozzarella, and will be setting it on fire, dousing it with a little lemon, and then adding some olive oil and herbs. Served with freshly made pita.
Asparagus a la Plancha with House-made Greek Yogurt and Herbs
Small Plate
We'll blanch fresh asparagus, then sear it on a cast iron plancha just enough to keep it crisp, serve it atop our own cultured soybean Greek yogurt, with lemon, fresh oregano, and black olive crumble
Oyster Mushroom Calamari
Small Plate
We'll batter and fry oyster mushrooms to perfection, dust them with fresh sumac and herbs, and serve them with a safflower-lemon aioli
Braised Artichoke Hearts
Whole artichoke trimmed of its tough parts, and slowly braised in a rich seasoned white wine broth until tender. Served with our cauliflower skordalia (a garlic-potato-cauliflower spread), our own dill tzatziki, smoked lentils, and herbs
Baklava Croissant
We've been making a lot of croissants lately, and seeing as how baklava is made with many layers of phyllo dough, why not roll a sweet agave pistachio paste inside a croissant, slather it with a rosewater-agave wash, chopped pistachios, and bake it to perfection? I just ate one from our first test batch, and it is amazing...

Modern Vegan Greek Experience

In-PersonEast Lakeview, Chicago
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