Japanese Izakaya & Jazz with Ben Perkins, Erica Miller, Chloe Lin.

East Lakeview, Chicago


Medium (10-15 Guests)
tapas/small plates, japanese
I love Japanese Izakaya 'bar food' and learned the cuisine when working with Chef Takashi Saito at Izakaya Yuzuki in San Francisco. In the spirit of generosity and abundance, this will be a family-style affair where we keep the food coming throughout the night, and will be a 100% Vegan Japanese menu. There will be 5 different dishes to share throughout the evening, and for music we have none other than Ben Perkins on Veena, Erica Miller on Cello, and Chloe Lin on Pipa exploring different jazz and improvisational themes to match the mood. Hope to see you then!

Menu detail

Cured Vegetable Crudo
Slow cooked and cured plum tomato, eggplant, and nectarine sashimi with shaved fennel, lemon olive oil, black garlic, puffed grain crumble, and mint.
Yuri’s Baked Burrata-Stuffed Inari
Small Plate
Yuri makes fantastic inari, which is often rice filled tofu pockets, but we’re going to mix it up, fill them with our house made burrata, scallions, and a little chile, and bake them to perfection!
Eggplant Obanzai
Small Plate
We score baby eggplant, flash fry them, and then marinate them in a rich broth of dashi, sake, tamari, and ginger. We then garnish it with some of the marinade, freshly grated ginger, and togarashi, and serve it over chrysanthemum greens.
Tempura Don
We'll tempura batter oyster mushrooms, shishito peppers, rolled tofu skin, and chrysanthemum, fry them to perfection, and serve them over seasoned rice with accoutrements and a warm dipping sauce.
Matcha-Berry Parfait
We've been culturing our own vegan yogurt, and would like to season it with matcha, and serve it to you with fresh berries

Japanese Izakaya & Jazz with Ben Perkins, Erica Miller, Chloe Lin.

East Lakeview, Chicago
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