Four Star Mushroom Dinner on the patio for 2

LivestreamChicago, IL


japanese, french
We're working once again with Chicago's very own Four Star Mushroom to make a fantastic dinner for you which draws on both Western and Eastern influences. I spent time working with Chef Takashi Saito at Izakaya Yuzuki in San Francisco, and a lot of that influence will be present, including the traditional use of Koji to enhance dishes. But we'll also be baking bread, making pate, and making a wonderful Candy Cap Mushroom cheesecake for you. Candy Caps are sweet, maple-scented, and are primarily used in pastry. Come surprise yourself! this will be a fantastic dinner and it's an honor to cook for you.

Menu detail

Chilled Genmai Cha (Tea)
Genmai Cha is a very mild Japanese Matcha and Toasted Rice Blend that is excellent served chilled. It's so mellow you can drink it like water, and it's often what parents first give to children in Japan when they teach them about tea! It's chill, and we'll serve it chilled all throughout the dinner.
Maitake and Chestnut Pate with Sesame Sourdough
Small Plate
We love the pine-scented maitake mushrooms and will combine them with chestnuts, our cultured vegan brie, and hazelnuts to make a fantastic pate, served with saba (grape must syrup), and our homemade sesame sourdough bread
Melting Snow Mushroom Soup
Small Plate
Hon shimeji and black chanterelle mushrooms, fermented savoy cabbage, pickled chiles, and pea shoots dusted in sesame snow. Served with a warm Thai hot and sour chaga mushroom broth.
Koji-Marinated Lions Mane Mushroom Kara-age
Small Plate
We're getting lions mane mushrooms from Four-Star Mushrooms, and marinating them using the Japanese tradition of koji, then frying them like a Japanese style 'fried chicken.' This may be one of my favorite dishes this year.
Chirashi: aka Sushi Bowl with Several Preparations
We'll use partially milled Haiga Mai rice and a homemade sushizu for seasoning, and top it with Miso Glazed Local Oyster Mushrooms, Phoenix Bean Tofu, Smoked Beet Nigiri, Eggplant Unagi, Accordion Cut Cucumber, Wakame, and Avocado. Served with wasabi and soy sauce.
Candy Cap Mushroom Cashew Cheesecake
Candy cap mushrooms have a sweet maple flavor to them, and are actually primarily used in desserts in many fancy restaurants. We'll be using them to make an excellent cashew based cheesecake with a pecan crust. This probably sounds a bit crazy, but when you've had candy cap mushrooms, it's difficult to think of it being used in a savory preparation. Surprise yourself! This dish will be a hit.