Four Seasons Dinner on the Patio for 2

LivestreamChicago, IL


This dinner is very inspired by the change in weather, but I'm also getting a vacuum sealer and sous vide equipment, so there's that. :D I worked with sous vide extensively in San Francisco. I know it's many benefits, but didn't feel the need to invest in it until now. For Spring, we'll make mushroom scallops with incredible texture with 'compressed corn' and perfect asparagus to serve in a pour-over soup. For Summer, we'll change the texture of tomatoes and watermelon, and serve it with our cashew burrata for a different kind of caprese. For the Fall, we'll serve a Cultured Blue Cheese course will have pears perfectly poached in riesling, herbal tea and vanilla. Winter, we'll feature our new version of a Smoked Lentil Roulade with Red Wine Mushroom Gravy, which we'll serve up with buttery hasselback potatoes, and (yes, sous vide) carrots. We'll return right back to fall with a Pumpkin Aztec Cocoa Cheesecake with Pecan-Pumpkin Seed Crust. See you soon!

Menu detail

Spring: Mushroom Scallop Ceviche, Corn, and Asparagus Ramp Soup
Small Plate
We'll use the fancy 'sous vide' technology to make scallop mushroom ceviche, compress and cook corn, and make delightful asparagus with which we'll serve a warm ramp and nasturtium broth
Summer: Tomato and Watermelon Caprese, Warm Cashew Burrata
Small Plate
We'll compress (and maybe sear) watermelon, and serve it with a warm tomato 'vinaigrette,' with fresh basil, and our signature warm cashew burrata. Dressed with Saba (grape must), peppercorns, and sea salt
Fall: 45 day Cultured Blue Cheese and Sous Vide Poached Pear
Small Plate
As mentioned, this will be a fancy cheese course featuring our cultured and aged blue cheese, served with pears poached perfectly in an herbal tea and vanilla infused sauvignon blanc, and served with spinach and toasted walnuts
Winter: Smoked Lentil Roulade with Hasselback Potatoes, and Cabernet Mushroom Gravy
We're updating our roulade to feature a new preparation of lentils we've discovered, wrapping it in puff pastry, baking it, and slicing it hot. Served with buttery hasselback potatoes, sous vide carrots (why not?), and a cabernet mushroom gravy
Return to Fall: Pumpkin-Aztec Cocoa Cheesecake
A Pumpkin Aztec Cocoa Cheesecake with Pecan-Pumpkin Seed Crust. Yum!