Salvadoran Independence Day Feast for 2 by Aida Escobar

LivestreamChicago, IL


Aida is an amazing cook who works with us on the weekends to make our dinners all the better, and she's cooking up some of the dishes she loves to celebrate Salvadoran Independence Day! In her own words 'My vegan journey started about a year and a half ago, since then people always ask “how do you do it?”. Specially my family. This dinner represents all the delicious possibilities we don’t even know about. I’m proud to be able to present all our Salvadoran favorites. I chose to do the dinner for this day in honor of the Salvadoran Independence Day.'

Menu detail

Veggie Salvadoran Tamale wrapped in Banana Leaf
Aida gave me a few of these to sample, and I'd never had a tamale so tender. She has a trick! They were the most satisfying tamales I'd had, as I'd never had them made with this awesome technique before (they are so soft!)
Bean Soup with Pupusas
Small Plate
Aidas pupusas were the first thing I'd had of hers, and are incredibly addictive. Then for one dinner, we were serving a chilled tomato gazpacho, and I suggested we serve the pupusas with it. She fills them with our housemade vegan cheese, so the dish was similar to a 'tomato soup and grilled cheese' combo that was appropriate for summer. Now that it's getting colder, a warm bean soup will be very fitting
Fried Yuca Salad with Curtido and Tomato Salsa
Small Plate
I love fried yuca and am looking forward to this...
Yuba "Panes" Sandwich
This traditional sandwich is often made with seasoned sliced turkey, but Aida has taken to using seasoned Yuba (thin sheets of tofu) in its place. Served with lettuce, beets, cucumbers, carrots, and radishes with a Mustard-Cumin Aioli
Plantain Empanadas filled with Oatmilk Custard
Aida had a different dessert in store for this dinner, and then made these the other evening which were so damn good that she decided they'd be even better for this dinner!