Fall Comfort Dinner on the Patio for 2

LivestreamChicago, IL


The weather will be cool this weekend, and it's starting to feel like fall. Broadway Ave will be shut down over the weekend, we'll have all of Briar Street for dinner seating, and there is so far 0% chance of rain this weekend! If there is ever a good time to commit to a wonderful fall-centric dinner, this feels like it. I'm going to come out and say this dinner is 100% what I am craving right now. :D Taste is subjective, and I am used to cooking for crowds. If I was to sit at a restaurant for a well prepared dinner, this is what I personally would really appreciate to celebrate fall. It seems we have similar tastes, and I hope we can pass this comfort and joy to you as well.

Menu detail

Focaccia Breadsticks & Marinara
We make an excellent focaccia using our (overproofed!) sourdough bread recipe, and pan searing it with chiles, mint, olive oil, and sea salt. Served up with our specially seasoned marinara sauce for dipping.
Pumpkin Tamarind Soup
Small Plate
This is actually inspired by Burmese Samusa Soup, as we'll have a spiced, grilled onion and garlic broth which we'll thicken with toasted chickpea flour and make vibrant with tamarind. Adding pumpkin to this soup, with fresh cabbage and herbs will make this both deep in flavor and light and fresh
(Sous Vide) Poached Pear Salad with Blues and Roots
Small Plate
We recently got a vacuum sealer for a project, and figured we'd pop a few extra dollars to do sous vide! The technique doesn't scream 'soulful' or 'comforting' to me, but why not have perfectly poached and slightly sweet pears to compliment a deep and earthy root vegetable salad? There will be mustard roasted beets, turnips, and red onions dressed in hazelnut oil and red wine vinegar, and served with chunks of our house-cured cashew blue cheese
Campenelle Pasta with Mushroom Ragout and End of Summer Vegetables
Campanella Pasta with Mushroom Ragout: Ragout of Fennel Braised Mushrooms, with Bloomsdale Spinach, Summer Squash, Tomato, White Wine and Herbs, topped with our Almond Parmesan. Last chance to get in local summer vegetables before they fade away! They'll be a nice touch of brightness in a hearty pasta featuring Chicagos own Four-Star Mushrooms
Apple Cobbler: Almond-Pecan Crisp, Chai Ice Cream, and Cinnamon Caramel
It's a dessert you can feel, just like a warm fuzzy sweater