Fancy Plants Italian: Featuring Four Star Mushroom

Lincoln Park, Chicago



Available for purchase
Banquet (20+ Guests)
With the weather getting cooler, I develop a real hunger for warmth, richness, chew, pasta, mushrooms, and romantic food. Let's have lions manes from Four Star Mushroom, candy caps, and some soulful Italian food. Usually we're BYOB, but Fancy Plants Kitchen now has a full liquor license, and will have cocktails, beer, and vino for sale. Ciao baby. See you Friday!

Menu detail

Crostini: Cauliflower Pate on Grilled Sourdough
Served with pickled grapes and herbs
Arancini di Riso
Small Plate
Filled with steamed pumpkin and served with grilled onion fondue. Served with pepita pesto.
Winter Caprese
Small Plate
Smoked beet with cashew mozzarella, rucola arugula, olive oil, and red wine herb vinegar reduction
Lions Mane Mushrooms with Parsnips and Red Wine Rigatoni
We make a rich bolognese style sauce with fresh lions manes from Four Star Mushroom, and serve it with tender roasted parsnips with a housemade extruded red wine rigatoni pasta. A little parsley, almond parm, and olive oil to finish
Chocolate Candy Cap Cantaloupe Cheesecake
All of these flavors fit together beautifully, and we'll touch it off with a touch of mint

Fancy Plants Italian: Featuring Four Star Mushroom

Chicago, Illinois

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