Vegan Japanese Mushroom Experience

In-PersonLincoln Park, Chicago


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
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For a year in San Francisco I trained with Chef Takashi Saito in traditional Japanese cooking. He taught me how to make miso, shoyu, and amazake, which we'll also use in this dinner. I personally am already hungry for this... see you soon!

Menu detail

Chilled Genmai Cha (Tea)
Genmai Cha is a very mild Japanese Matcha and Toasted Rice Blend that is excellent served chilled. It's so mellow you can drink it like water, and it's often what parents first give to children in Japan when they teach them about tea! It's chill, and we'll serve it chilled all throughout the dinner.
Grilled Musibi, Mozzarella-stuffed Inari, Candy Cap Kabocha Croquettes-Stuffed Inari
Small Plate
3 dishes presented together, Musibi is a grilled rice cake which we'll top with marinated lions mane, the Inari is filled with our cashew mozzarella and black chanterelles, and our squash Croquette is made with Candy Cap Mushrooms
Lions Mane Mushroom Sunomono
Small Plate
Shredded and marinated Lions Mane Mushroom, accordion-cut cucumbers, wakame, daikon sprouts, and a tosa vinaigrette.
Oyster Mushroom Kara-age
Small Plate
Oyster Mushrooms we get from FourStar Mushrooms in Chicago, fried in a light yuzu-kosho tempura batter, served with yuzu aioli and dusted nori.
Chirashi; Our Vegan Sushi Bowl
Seasoned Rice topped with Tomato Tuna, Miso Grilled Tofu, Vegan Tamago, Sesame Spinach, and Marinated Shiitake.
Candy Cap Matcha Mochi
Matcha Ice Cream served with Candy Cap Mochi

Vegan Japanese Mushroom Experience

In-PersonLincoln Park, Chicago
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