Let Us Not Cook For You: A Raw Dinner

Mission, San Francisco


Banquet (20+ Guests)
Gluten Free, Raw, Vegan
San Francisco always wanted us to (not) cook an all raw menu, and here you have it! We did one in Chicago, and it was a resounding success. For you, we'll make a fresh macadamia nut cheese for filling endives, debut our raw Caesar with cold-smoked sesame pine nut crackers, a silky cauliflower apple soup with rosemary oil, grapes, and almond cream, truffled daikon rolls with fermented pepper and black chanterelle mushrooms, and finish it off with my friend Grey's famous chocolate banana pie!

Menu detail

Endive Crudites
Belgian endives filled with cultured macadamia cheese, diced breakfast radish, and herbs.
Little Gem Lettuce Caesar
Small Plate
Little Gem lettuces, koji-cured carrots, pickled green peppercorn Caesar dressing, and cold-smoked sesame pine nut crackers.
Silky Cauliflower Apple Soup
Small Plate
We'll slightly pickle cauliflower and apples, and make a silken soup base from that, to which we add almond cream, aromatics, and top with sliced grapes and rosemary oil.
Truffled Daikon Rolls
Marinated daikon sheets filled with julienned pickled carrots, Asian pear, chili-marinated jicama, black chanterelle mushrooms, and daikon sprouts. Served with a fermented pepper sauce, a fresh herb sauce, and topped with freshly shaved black truffle.
Chocolate Banana Cream Pie
Our friend Grey makes the best chocolate banana cream pie I've ever had, and after my third piece (seriously), she mentioned it was a raw dessert! This is a real treat, and I'm sure you will agree.

Let Us Not Cook For You: A Raw Dinner

Mission, San Francisco
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