Vegan French Feast with Parisian Chef Noe Tissot

In-Person Humboldt Park, Chicago


Large (15-20 Guests)
vegetarian, vegan, french
Vegan, Vegetarian
The 'Legend of Lyon' Noe Tissot is spending a little time in Chicago away from his home in Paris, making his famous vegan croissants, and is collaborating with our team to make an excellent French inspired feast. We've gone to great lengths to perfect a rich broth for our French onion soup, making a spherified carrot yolk for our frisée and lardon salad, and Noe will give you one of his famous croissants to take home for breakfast! If you can wait that long. See you there!

Menu detail

Country French Bread with Our Cultured Butter and Radish
We've been perfecting our wild-yeast starter fermented bread, and will serve it freshly baked, slathered with our own cultured vegan butter, shaved radishes, and course salt. A simple French staple, all made from scratch!
French Onion Soup
Small Plate
Onions slowly caramelized for 5 hours, deglazed with Champagne, and then cooked with an umami rich broth made from kombu and shiitakes. Topped with a crust of bread and melted cashew cheese. We've fed this to omnivores, who swore up and down, it tastes just the same as a French onion soup you'd find in a French brasserie.
Frisse and Lardon Salad
Small Plate
Pan-seared smoked seitan lardons tossed with glazed pearl onions, haricot vert green beans, and frisee in a red wine and mustard vinaigrette. A slice of brioche bread, topped with a spherified carrot 'yolk.' A French classic!
Truffled Potato, Root Vegetable, and Lentil Roulade
Black beluga lentils, truffled mashed potatoes, and a root vegetable mirepoix rolled in a wheat dough, and baked. Sliced, seared, and served to you with broccolini and a red wine and beet sauce.
Almond Cake with Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote
A moist almond cake served with strawberry-rhubarb compote, candied lemon peel, and whipped cashew.
Noe's Croissant!
The miracle of Noe's vegan croissant, to take home with you for the next morning.

Vegan French Feast with Parisian Chef Noe Tissot

In-Person Humboldt Park, Chicago
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