Vegan Japanese Sushi and Cooking Class

In-PersonHumboldt Park, Chicago


Small (4-10 Guests)
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Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
We'll cook perfect rice, and make a wonderful sushizu (seasoned vinegar), and make several sushi preparations together! You'll learn to make maki, nigiri, and onigiri using fresh seasonal vegetables. Not only that, but we'll make a vegan dashi together, and use that as a base for making a miso soup. We'll also be making traditional pirikara (spicy cucumber pickles) together, as well as a tosa vinaigrette for making sunomono, and even make a mushroom based vegan oyakodon. Then, we'll eat!

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Maki, Nigiri, Onigiri
Small Plate
We'll make perfect rice, and a nice sushizu (seasoned vinegar) to flavor it. We'll make maki (rolls), nigiri (bite size toppings on rice), and onigiri (filled rice balls). I'll have smoked beets, cured carrots, avocado, cucumber, daikon, and other fillings for us to use. I had the good fortune of learning from a 20 year Japanese sushi veteran, who's training helped me win a Vegan Iron Chef competition when I made sushi! I'm excited to pass on his words and techniques.
Pirikara and Sunomono
Small Plate
These dishes were taught to me from my former chef, Takashi Saito, when I worked at Izakaya Yuzuki. We'll use Japanese cucumbers, and a rolling/salting technique that transforms the cucumbers into beautiful pickles. We'll use some of them to make pirikara (spicy cucumber pickle), and some to make sunomono (vinegared salad) with the addition of wakame, and a tosa vinaigrette. If you're up for the challenge, you can even try to make accordion-cut cucumbers!
Miso Soup
Small Plate
Dashi is a traditional umami rich Japanese stock that uses kombu (a seaweed that is natural MSG), and bonito (fermented and dried fish flakes). We'll forgo the bonito, and use wonderful dried shiitakes, and a little fermented dried black beans instead. I use this stock as a flavor bomb for much of my cooking. Once you have the stock, it's very easy to make a comforting miso soup using a little tofu and scallions! A great addition to sushi.
Vegan Oyakodon
Oyakodon is traditionally a chicken and egg dish, but we're going to make a vegan version that is extremely satisfying. This dish is the 'chicken soup' of Japan, as it is a classic comfort food. We'll slice onions, fry them, add oyster mushrooms, and then use the dashi we made, as well as our vegan egg recipe to make a very comforting and wholesome dish to serve with rice.

Vegan Japanese Sushi and Cooking Class

In-PersonHumboldt Park, Chicago
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