Morocco-Inspired Dinner #1

In-PersonHumboldt Park, Chicago


Large (15-20 Guests)
north african, vegan
Vegan, Vegetarian
I love Moroccan food for it's use of fresh veggies, and also for it's use of seasoning. The spices and flavors that are used in the cuisine are intoxicating, and when I was living in California, I had a Moroccan housemate that would always cook excellent food for me. In California, there was also an amazing Michelin-starred restaurant called Aziza, who's cookbook is so inspiring, that I decided to do 2 different Moroccan dinners! Perhaps you can join us for both? :D

Menu detail

Grilled Flatbread with Marash Chickpeas, & Charred Eggplant Spread
We'll make an excellent flatbread on the grill, and serve it with a wonderfully seasoned chickpeas with Marash chile and 6 other spices, as well as a charred eggplant puree seasoned with roasted garlic and paprika.
Mixed Baby Greens Salad with Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette and Barberries
Small Plate
We've been preserving lemons for several months, and will use them to make a nice vinaigrette to dress fresh market greens tossed with barberries for a slightly sour and fruity accent.
Grilled Mushroom Sausage Kofta Skewers, Grapes, Cilantro Dressing
Small Plate
We'll make a fantastic mushroom based sausage, form it into meatballs, and skewer it with grapes before we grill them, and then dress them with a cumin seasoned cilantro dressing.
Moroccan Vegetable Stew with Steamed Cous Cous and Fried Beans
We'll make an excellent vegetable stew using carrots, fingerling potatoes, green beans, and other fresh market vegetables in a rich tomato sauce using 6 classic spices, top it off with Harissa spiced fried butter beans, and serve it with steamed cous cous.
Almond Cake, Plum, Cardamom Cashew Whip
A rich almond cake, served with fresh plums, and a cardamom infused cashew whip.

Morocco-Inspired Dinner #1

In-PersonHumboldt Park, Chicago
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