Morocco-Inspired Dinner #2

In-PersonHumboldt Park, Chicago


Large (15-20 Guests)
north african, vegan
Vegan, Vegetarian
I love Moroccan food for it's use of fresh veggies, and also for it's use of seasoning. The spices and flavors that are used in the cuisine are intoxicating, and when I was living in California, I had a Moroccan housemate that would always cook excellent food for me. In California, there was also an amazing Michelin-starred restaurant called Aziza, who's cookbook is so inspiring, that I decided to do 2 different Moroccan dinners! Perhaps you can join us for both? :D

Menu detail

Ras al Hanout Seasoned Almonds
A snack of baked almond coated in a lovely ras al hanout blend of 22 different spices.
Beet Tartar with Sumac, Urfa Chile, and Toast Points
Small Plate
We'll turn humble beets into a refined tartar seasoned with sumac, Urfa chile, fresh green olive oil, and long pepper, then serve it with some crisp toast points to help you manage it all.
Date Leather Tacos, Market Greens, Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette, Barberries
Small Plate
Moroccan food often has a wonderful interplay between sweet and savory, and dates often play a big role. What better way to sweeten a salad than to wrap it all in dates? We'll toss the greens with our preserved lemon vinaigrette and some barberries for a fruity and slightly sour kick.
Chermoula Seasoned Grilled Portobello, Cous Cous, Tomato
We'll marinate portobello mushrooms in a class chermoula sauce, grill it, serve it with fresh tomato and couscous, and then top it with a touch more of the chermoula sauce.
Almond Milk Panna Cotta, Hibiscus Soup, Rosewater Gelee, Strawberry
A classic dish from the restaurant Aziza in San Francisco, but we'll veganize it all for you.

Morocco-Inspired Dinner #2

In-PersonHumboldt Park, Chicago
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