Fermentation Class + Lunch

In-PersonHumboldt Park, Chicago


Small (4-10 Guests)
vegetarian, vegan
Vegan, Vegetarian
A lot of people are mystified by fermentation, and are hesitant to tackle it at home. Having a collection of different ferments in your home is a great way to preserve produce, and add a ton of flavor to many dishes! We'll make several different preparations together, as well as enjoy the same recipes that I started nearly 2 months ago! We'll be using all of these preparations to make a nice lunch together as well, plus I'll give you a recipe book to take home.

Menu detail

Sauerkraut is often peoples first experience with fermenting food, and we'll be making a nice batch together!
Fermented Pepper Paste
The technique of making fermented pepper paste can apply to many different veggies! It is a constant staple in my refrigerator, and lends a ton of flavor to many excellent dishes.
Cultured Cashew Cream
We'll be using sauerkraut brine to make cultured cashew cream! Once you make it, it keeps very well in the refrigerator, and has a nice pleasant tang to it. I use it to make a nice vegan sour cream and cream cheese!
Preserved Lemons
Preserved lemons are a classic condiment in Morocco, and buying them in the store is incredibly expensive. Fortunately, they are very cheap to make! I often make 10 lbs. at a time.
Pickled Market Vegetables
We'll make a wonderful pickling brine that works well with all sorts of fresh market vegetables. I have a batch already made using carrots, parsnips, onions, and tomatillos for us to eat!
Chicory Salad with Walnuts, Apples, Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette
Small Plate
We'll use lemons I started preserving 3 months ago to make a nice vinaigrette! It pairs very nicely with bitter chicory greens, walnuts, and fruit.
Grilled Portobello Burger Marinated in Fermented Pepper Chermoula
We'll use the fermented pepper paste we made to make a nice chermoula sauce to marinate portobello mushrooms in, and grill them to make a nice burger! We can add our cashew mozzarella, tomato, onion and lettuce as well.

Fermentation Class + Lunch

In-PersonHumboldt Park, Chicago
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