Vegan Greek Family Style Feast

In-PersonHumboldt Park, Chicago


Large (15-20 Guests)
greek, vegetarian, vegan
Vegan, Vegetarian
As summer is drawing close, it feels good to use as much fresh produce as is available to create a satisfying, but refreshing meal! Greek food represents some of the best use of fresh summer produce, and I'm excited to make a large spread of homemade meze and pita to share! We'll follow with a spinach, leek, artichoke, and almond feta pie for the main course, and finish with a classic rizogalo rice pudding topped with poached peaches, pistachios, and freshly grated cinnamon.

Menu detail

Meze and Pita
1) Skordalia; the classic potato, garlic, and caper dip from the island of Tinos 2) A smoky grilled and chilled eggplant and parsley spread, also originating in Tinos 3) Tzatziki; the yoghurt, garlic and cucumber dish that was brought to Greece by the turks 4) Dolmades; Marinated grape leaf rolls filled with bulgur, herbs, and lemon. 5) A housemade almond feta, served with fresh heirloom tomato, cucumber, onion and basil. All served with housemade warm pita bread!
Spinach, Leek, Artichoke, and Feta Pie
Also known as 'Skopelitiki' from the island of Skopelos, this is a Greek 'rolled pie' filled with wilted fresh spinach, melted leeks, artichokes, and housemade almond feta with a few currants, and plenty of olive oil and herbs.
'Rizogalo' Rice Pudding with Poached Peaches, Pistachios, and Cinnamon
We'll take arborio rice and make a classic rizogalo, topped with fresh poached peaches, pistachios, and freshly grated cinnamon and orange zest!

Vegan Greek Family Style Feast

In-PersonHumboldt Park, Chicago
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