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Krista ChurchNEW MAKER!

Austin, TX


Coming from a background in biological anthropology, sommelier Krista Church received an accidental education in wine. The convergence of the history of the people, the geology of the land, and the chemistry of production of wine all played their part in capturing her heart. Krista joined the Parkside Projects family in 2016, where she writes and works for several concepts. Ranging from the group’s flagship restaurant, Parkside, to the Italian-focused list at Neapolitan pizzeria, the backspace, Krista highlights farm-to-table cuisine with eclectic selections from around the world. A champion for an unpretentious approach to wine, her wine-for-the people mantra opens a dialogue with guests and staff alike. When she’s not at one of Parkside’s concepts, you can find her drinking bubbles on her couch watching Antiques Roadshow.