St. Petersburg, FL


avocado is a personal chef service specializing in simple, tasty vegetarian and vegan meals with a healthful twist.
Chef Kristi will arrive at your home ready to create a lovely meal for a special occasion, help with prep for a party, or do meal prep for the week. You needn't worry about missing out on time spent with family and friends - let us work our magic behind the scenes!
We cook for and cater to either vegetarian or vegan diners and prepare meals for clients in their homes. A plant-based diet is one of the healthiest and we love to cater to the lifestyle. avocado offers services including weekly meal packages (including our special HeatNEat meals), dinner parties, and food prep. Chef Kristi will implement menu planning, shopping, cooking, and tidying up your kitchen.

About me: I have been fascinated with food my whole life. My favorite thing as a kid, was to pore over my mom's vast collection of cookbooks, beginning with Betty Crocker's Cookbook and The Joy of Cooking. My gastro heroes include Alice Brock, Bryant Terry, Deborah Madison and Gordon Ramsey. I've been vegetarian since 2008 and I have found that it's been the most challenging and satisfying experience I have undertaken.

In St Petersburg, Florida, I am personal chef to a small clientele with discerning tastes. They are always willing to let me steer their taste buds in the direction I think they would enjoy - and I'm almost never wrong!