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Kristopher DeleeNEW MAKER!

Chicago, IL


A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, Chef Kris Delee has been immersed in the vibrant world of entertainment his entire life. After moving away from home at 16, Delee began working in the restaurant scene out of necessity, but soon discovered his calling to cuisine as he was given more opportunities to express himself creatively in the kitchen.

To further his ambition, Delee enrolled in California Culinary Academy in 2003 and embraced his new career with passion. Upon graduation, he returned to Las Vegas where he accepted a position as a line cook at the famous Eiffel Tower Las Vegas, a popular tourist attraction and French dining venue. From there he went on to work as a chef de partie at Alize at the top of the Palms Hotel

Delee later went on to serve on the opening culinary teams of various restaurants all over the country. Possessing a self-proclaimed “soul for the soil”, he has spent the last decade traveling the US and opening venues in cities such as Los Angeles (The Frontyard), Cincinnati (Local 127), Austin (Olivia) and Chicago (Stout Barrel House, The Portage).

In February 2017, Delee accepted the offer to serve as Executive Chef at The Duck Inn, a Michelin-rated dining venue originally opened by Chef Kevin Hickey in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood. He brings the inspiration of his travels, personal experiences and professional endeavors to his new role and has created several new innovative menu items for the venue that reflect all these components of his interesting life and quirky personality.