because, Brunch: Silogs

In-Person Downtown Santa Ana, Santa Ana


Pop-up space
Large (15-20 Guests)
asian, filipino
Sweet and salty breakfast worth rolling out of bed for. Silog is short for si(nangag) at (it)log or garlic fried rice and egg, and there are a number of dishes that fall in the silog family. The difference between each one lies in what is served with the garlic fried rice and the sunny-side-up eggs. -Jasmine Ting of Saveur Magazine

Menu detail

Bottomless Strawberry Calamansi Punch
calamansi juice, strawberry puree, citrus vodka
Ube Croissant
Small Plate
layered with ube jam
Atchara (Filipino Pickled Vegetables)C
Small Plate
carrot, cabbage, mustard seeds, cane vinegar
Small Plate
Tapsilog (tapa + sinangag + itlog) - salt cured Angus beef with soy, vinegar, black pepper and other spices Longsilog (longganisa + sinangag + itlog) - sweet cured naked pork sausage Bangsilog (bangus [milkfish] + sinangag + itlog) - National Fish of the Philippines and a favorite of mine!
Sunny Eggs
Small Plate
cage-free eggs in a "skillet" seasoned with za'atar
Small Plate
sauteed chinese long beans, fried mushroom, toasted panko
Unicorn Garlic Fried Rice
Small Plate
ube rice, pandan rice, saffron rice, red rice, jasmine rice, garlic
Buko Pandan
mini pearls, coconut, pandan jelly, toasted coconut curds


Ube Pandesal + 4oz Jar Ube Butter

because, Brunch: Silogs

In-Person Downtown Santa Ana, Santa Ana
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)