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Lacy HawkinsNEW MAKER!

New York, NY, USA


Lacy Hawkins has been immersed in the beverage industry for about 10 years. Originally from Portland, Oregon, she got her start by working as a nightclub bouncer. Since then, she has won multiple cocktail competitions, twice been hailed as a national mixologist to watch by Beverage Media Magazine and helped The NoMad claim a James Beard Award in the category of Best Bar Team. In 2017, Lacy was called out by Nylon Magazine as one of the top 30 women running the industry. After a decade of exclusively spending her time behind the bar, Lacy made a transition within the beverage industry and accepted a position as the brand ambassador for Monkey 47 gin. When she's not sharing her passion for Monkey 47, Lacy provides cocktail experiences throughout NYC for MasterCard Elite members. Aside from her love of the beverage industry, Lacy enjoys biking all throughout New York City, beekeeping, collecting rare honeys and working with ceramics.