Sushi Hand rolls (Temaki) & cucumber salad, the easy way to make sushi

LivestreamNew York, NY


vegetarian, japanese
Vegan, Vegetarian
Have you Always wanted to learn how to make sushi but thought it was too hard? Hand rolls are your new favorite! Temaki are easy to make, delicious and a fun skill to have to impress your friends. We will start with a crunchy cucumber salad with crab (optional, can be vegetarian) sesame & a tangy vinaigrette. We will go over the steps to make sushi rice. Then we will make 4 types of hand rolls, maitake mushroom, spicy tuna, tuna/scallion and crab/avocado/cucumber. If you would like to participate in a quick sake cocktail to start, grab a bottle OR a non alcoholic cucumber/lime soda can be made instead.