Chicken Parm Scotch Eggs + Baked Ziti Taught By Chef Bo Porytko

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Ok ya’ll, this next class is going to be a real treat! It is going to be taught by Chef Bo Porytko of Misfit Snackbar. Just browse his Instagram account to see the kinds of creative and delicious food he creates. If you have lived in Denver for a while, you may be familiar with his previous restaurant, Rebel, where he served an entire pig’s head on a platter. Or maybe you know he has Denver’s best burger (along with an ever changing menu of deliciousness) at Misfit Snack Bar. If you aren’t familiar with him, here are some lists his food has been on recently: Westword: Best Permanent Pop Up; The Ten Best Burgers in Denver; Ten Best Stoner Eats In Denver Conde Nast Traveler: 28 Best Restaurants in Denver Every other “Top Burgers In Denver List” This Chicken Parm Scotch Egg is a dish he has had on his menu before, and it is sure to be delicious. Bo is just a flavor magician. I would know, since he lets me work in his kitchen a few days a week! Menu Chicken Parm Scotch Egg Marinara Cocktail: Boulevardier Date: Sunday, October 24th Time: 7 pm EST/ 4 pm PST Price: $23.99 per household Platform: Zoom Special Equipment Needed: 1 large stock pot 1 pot for boiling pasta 1 small casserole pan Plastic wrap Blender Lighter Ingredients: (Exact quantities will be sent within 24 hours of payment being received) Extra large eggs Ground chicken (dark meat preferred) Garlic cloves Italian dried herbs Olive oil Garlic powder Fresh mozzarella Fresh basil Salt Flour Italian breadcrumbs 28oz can San marzano tomatoes Orange juice White onion Dried chili flakes Rigatoni or penne pasta 2 qts canola oil Grated mozzarella Parmesan cheese Campari Sweet Vermouth Whisky or Bourbon (Will probably make this with 4 roses) 1 Whole Orange

Menu detail

Chicken Parm Scotch Egg
Chicken & basil sausage. Brulee'd italian cheeses. Marinara sauce.
You know, it's a Negroni riff with Whiskey/Bourbon instead of Gin. Good stuff!