Butternut Shahi Korma and Paneer Kofta w/ Chef Aarthi

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The next virtual cooking class I have put together is scheduled for Saturday, November 20th at 5pm Eastern. We will be making Butternut Shahi Korma and Paneer Kofta. This is the third class this year taught by Aarthi Sampath, so many of you have already cooked with her. Previously, we made Chicken Biryani (the same dish she cooked win on Beat Bobby Flay) and Shrimp Laksa with Aarthi. She is a Chopped Champion, conquered Bobby Flay on Beat Bobby Flay, and is currently a judge on MasterChef Tamil. The first season of that show started in August and the winner will be crowned this month. Her cooking experience and knowledge is vast – She has even worked in a Michelin starred Indian restaurant in New York City! Paneer: If you want to make your own paneer, Aarthi sent me a recipe so that you can do so. You will want to make it the night before class. I will provide that recipe after you sign up. Store-bought paneer also works great for this recipe. This recipe is so flavorful and delicious even if you don't have a couple of ingredients, it will still be tasty. So don't stress too much if you aren't able to find something. Equipment Needed: Grater, Two pans, Blender, Sheet tray, Spice grinder (if you are making your own Garam Masala) Ingredients Needed: (a list of exact quantities will be sent within 24 hours of purchasing your spot in the class) Paneer Chopped green chillies Chopped cilantro Chopped mint Corn starch Chopped dry cranberries or apricots Chopped raisins Garam Masala Oil to shallow fry Butter nut squash roasted in the oven and scooped Red onion finely sliced Cloves garlic chopped Ginger chopped Cream Butter Chili powder Turmeric Coriander powder Cumin powder Salt Sugar Rose water Kewra water Water or vegetable stock Garam Masala Ingredients (if you are making your own) coriander seeds cumin seeds clove green cardamom star anise cinnamon stick dried rose petals bay leaf

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Butternut Shahi Korma and Paneer Kofta