Ratatouille Raviolo

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We will be making Ratatouille Raviolo - that’s a giant ravioli filled with ratatouille vegetables, ricotta cheese, and an egg yolk! We will also be making a roasted red pepper sauce and an herb oil. And to party like it’s already 2022, we will be making a classic Negroni. And of course, we are making that pasta from scratch! This class will be taught by Chef Jeremy Fleming. Jeremy went to the Culinary Institute of America and is now living in Hawaii. He is a former Chopped competitor and this is the second class he will be teaching for us. Last February, he taught us how to make avocado tempura tacos and skinny margs. Equipment: For the cocktail: Cocktail shake, vegetable peeler, rocks glass For the fresh pasta: digital scale or measuring cups, small mixing bowl, pastry brush, rolling pin or pasta machine Other equipment: knife, cutting board, 2 Large mixing bowls, sieve (strainer), large sauté pan, rubber spatulas, 6qt pot, baking sheet, parchment paper, 4 1/5 inch ring mold (for punching), medium sauté pan, blender, small bowl, ice, cheese cloth Ingredients: All purpose flour Semolina flour warm water olive oil whole eggs water Ricotta cheese eggplant depending on variety and size (I use Japanese eggplant when available), small diced zucchini, small diced summer squash (yellow squash), small diced sun-dried tomatoes in oil, rough chopped(reserve oil) cloves of garlic, minced Rosemary, finely chopped Thyme, finely chopped capers, finely chopped chopped chives Parmesan cheese Canola oil for sautéing vegetables Salt and pepper to taste Red bell peppers Paprika Medium onion Red wine vinegar Loosely packed herbs, only leaves no stems ( dill, parsley, mint, cilantro)

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Ratatouille Raviolo
Raviolo (aka giant ravioli) filled with ratatouille veg, ricotta, and an egg yolk. Roasted red pepper sauce, herb oil.
Classic Negroni
You know it. You love it.