Creating the venerable Classic Shrimp and Grits, it’s history and the perfectly paired glass of wine.

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Shrimp and grits recipes are as endless in the ways they can be prepared as there are stars in the sky. I’ll teach you how to make the very shrimp and grits recipe that I served 9,000 people at the Food Network wine and food festival in South Beach Miami. From cooking the perfect pot of grits, putting together the bowl of deliciousness, what wine works best with this particular recipe, and I will share the history of this iconic dish. Just how did this dish become so famous? Join me and find out! Participants will receive the recipe upon registration and ingredient list. One guest will be chosen at random to receive my favorite grits from right here in Georgia, Gayla’s Grits!

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Georgia Shrimp and Grits
The perfect coarse ground grits from Georgia and the seasonal Georgia grown Vidalia Onions! Is there a difference in grits, you bet there is. The Vidalia onion will be your new favorite so you will want to learn to pronounce it right.