Latitude 15: 5-Course Global Feast

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
thai, mexican, vietnamese
Gluten Free, Organic
There's a wonderful theory that countries on the same latitudes evolve complementary cuisines due to the similarities in their climates, cultures, and seasonal accessibility to ingredients. I cook on one such delicious cross section: latitude 15. This menu features dishes that borrow from and play on Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian cuisines. It will be a laid back and communal experience of global flavors.

Menu detail

Scallop Crudo
Small Plate
Cured Day Boat scallop, coriander broth, tobiko, cocoa nibs
Forbidden Rice w/ Sweet Potato
Small Plate
Black coconut rice, crispy sweet potato, strawberry, herbs.
15° Papaya Salad
Small Plate
Traditional Thai papaya salad meets bright Mexican flavors. Green papaya, mango, and spicy fried long beans are the stars.
Noodle Bowl w/ Turmeric Catfish
Cha ca la vong is one of Vietnam's iconic dishes. Noodles, crispy turmeric catfish, a bright sauce, and a lot of fresh herbs.
Mango Ginger Lassi
Mangos, ginger, lime, and mint provide a light and bright finish to the meal.

Latitude 15: 5-Course Global Feast

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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