Laura & Adam Briskin-Limehouse(23)
Washington, DC


Laura didn’t start cooking until college; Adam has been cooking for as long as he could stand. She is completely self-taught; he learned at his mother’s knee, and by working in deli’s, and in restaurants as prep, short order, and on the line. She is a kitchen chemist; he is a cook.

Brief digression: we see three styles of turning ingredients into meal – chefs, cooks, and kitchen chemists. Chefs are trained to produce the same meals reliably – taste, presentation, proportions, etc. Cooks do it by smell and taste. Kitchen chemists do it by recipe. Cooks can pull together a tasty meal out of whatever is in the refrigerator. Kitchen chemists’ baking is more likely to come out of the oven looking and tasting perfect.

We are both geeks. Big geeks. Play board games and watch silly movie geeks. We met at DragonCon in Atlanta, GA in 2007 and we’ve been together ever since. We love to create home-cooked meals and sharing them with friends, old and new.

By day, Laura works as a cataloging librarian for the EPA and Adam is a graduate student. By night, well… we cook.

Laura’s cooking focuses on creating interesting mixes of textures from the classic salad - arugula, carrot, and pepper with almonds, cashews, and cranberries all tossed together to make a bright and cheery appetizer - to the experimenting, from Moroccan tagines and tafaia to fresh baked, braided challah.

Adam’s cooking is all about the home cooked meal - soups, stews, and the famous biscuit-crusted chicken potpie. He loves creating old school, French-peasant style meals – like Coq au Vin, served with thinly sliced green beans steamed with almonds and potatoes au gratin. And butter – it all needs butter. (In moderation – we swear.)