Istanbul Modern - 7 Course Fall Menu - $65

In-Person Russian Hill, San Francisco


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north african, greek, middle eastern
The legacy of Istanbul, once Constantinople, the capital of four empires, is greater than meets the eye. It's the Bosphorus, Black Sea, the Aegean, and the Mediterranean; Mesopotamia, Balkans, Anatolia, Caucasus, North Africa, and Persia. It's the palace and the countryside, the business capital and the cultural capital. It's a little Turkish, a little Greek, Armenian, Jewish, Arabic and Persian. It's Istanbul Modern. We tell the story. This is a sample menu and the contents are dynamic.

Menu detail

Babka with olives and sundried tomatoes
Small Plate
We break bread at our tables with a savory babka that we serve with olive oil that we produce in conjunction with Skipstone Ranch in Alexander Valley
Meze, Squid with skordalia
Small Plate
Skordalia is a fresh almond sauce seasoned with garlic and lemon juice. Our squid comes from Half Moon Bay, we season it with an Aegean spice mix and serve it with this Greek sauce.
Meze, Hummus with sauteed mushrooms
Small Plate
Hummus is a staple in Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. We top our hummus with amazing maitake mushrooms that are seasoned with a savory spice mix called 'pastirma', the mix has garlic, cumin, fenugreek, and paprika, among other spices.
Meze, the Wild Card
Small Plate
We prefer to keep mezes flexible to provide you with the most seasonal experience. Here's a selection of mezes in our repertoire, should you want any one of them in particular: -- Balkan cabbage rolls -- Armenian dolmas -- 'Sultan's Delight' -- Freekeh delicata squash salad with Tunisian harissa -- Circassian chicken salad -- Georgian eggplant rolls -- Caucasian mushroom and buckwheat salad -- Latkes with yogurt and pickled mushrooms -- Asparagus salad with peas and green goddess dressing
Entree, 72 hours short ribs with wild pistachio sauce
Wild pistachios are a unique product from South Eastern Turkey. They have deep pistachio, chocolate, and coffee flavors. We bring these earthy flavors together with mushrooms and the most unctuous beef experience. Perfectly marbled sous vide short ribs are served medium rare with this sauce.
Dessert, Antep pistachio pie with milk ice cream
We have traveled long and far but have not seen pistachios as beautiful and delicious as those in Antep. We want to share this uniquely intense pistachio flavor with you.
'Liqueur', the Finale
We finish our meals with a home made liqueur. We've served cherry/mahlab, mastica, bergamot and Turkish coffee liqueurs before. We'll have to see which one of our infusions have matured at the time of the event.

Istanbul Modern - 7 Course Fall Menu - $65

In-Person Russian Hill, San Francisco
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