Istanbul Modern - 10 Course, Family Style Mediterranean Feast - $75

Russian Hill, San Francisco


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
mediterranean, middle eastern, turkish
Local, Organic, Paleo, Raw, Vegetarian
The legacy of Istanbul, once Constantinople, the capital of four empires, is greater than meets the eye. It's the Bosphorus, Black Sea, the Aegean, and the Mediterranean; Mesopotamia, Balkans, Anatolia, Caucasus, North Africa, and Persia. It's the palace and the countryside, the business capital and the cultural capital. It's a little Turkish, a little Greek, Armenian, Jewish, Arabic and Persian. It's Istanbul Modern. We tell the story. This is a sample menu and the contents are dynamic.

Menu detail

Babka with olives and sun dried tomatoes
Small Plate
We break bread with our savory babka rolled with olives and tomatoes. We serve this warm bread with olive oil we produce in conjunction with Skipstone Vineyards in Alexander Valley.
Meze, Balkan Cabbage Rolls
Small Plate
We use brine pickled cabbage and pork to make this unctuous and comforting dolma that we serve our signature tomato sauce that has pomegranate molasses as well as aged Urfa pepper paste.
Meze, Lakerda of albacore
Small Plate
Lakerda is a tradition of curing bonito that makes it creamy, melt in the mouth consistency. We use sustainable albacore that resembles bonito in texture and flavor but is more delicate and luxurious to create a new story based on the Greek tradition. We often serve this cured fish dish with a pomegranate sauce.
Meze, Black hummus with beef short ribs
Small Plate
This is a dish with incredibly deep flavors. We make our own black garlic, black tahini and black lime to give the deep umami that characterizes this dish. We top it with fenugreek, paprika and garlic seasoned short ribs that are cooked in brown butter as hummus is served warm with pastirma cooked in this way in Turkey.
Meze, the Wild Card
Small Plate
Here's a sampling of our mezes, we are flexible, please let us know if you'd want anything in particular. -- Balkan cabbage rolls -- Armenian dolmas -- 'Sultan's Delight' -- Freekeh delicata squash salad with Tunisian harissa -- Circassian chicken salad -- Georgian eggplant rolls -- Caucasian mushroom and buckwheat salad -- Latkes with yogurt and pickled mushrooms -- Asparagus salad with peas and green goddess dressing -- Squid with Greek skordalia
Meze, the Wild Card
Small Plate
We keep one Meze open for our creative process, a product that inspires us at the farmers market, or something that one of our other Middle Eastern specialty purveyors are excited about.
Mid Course, Lamb belly
Small Plate
This is a decadent celebration of the holiday season. Potato foam, a sous vide egg yolk and rich and crispy lamb belly come together to make a memorable experience.
Entree, Roasted branzino in Grape Leaves
We dress and wrap Turkish branzino in grape leaves and serve them with a muhammara that is seasoned with pomegranate molasses from Hatay and grape leaves from Alexander Valley. This is a shared entree.
Georgian Honey Cake with Cara Cara Ice Cream
'Liqueur', the Finale
We made it a custom to start our meals with simit and finish them with a home made liqueur. We've served cherry/mahlab, mastica, bergamot and Turkish coffee liqueurs before. We'll have to see which one of our infusions have matured at the time of the event.
Beverage pairing, only available as an add on
- Your first drink will be a seasonal cocktail. Currently we're serving what we're calling 'Turkish spiced rum', a rum cocktail that's seasoned with Turkish tea kambocha, rose and mint, or other seasonal spices. - Green grape raki is served with mezes (single) - A glass of wine paired with mid course - A glass of wine paired with entree - And we will finish the meal either with sahlep (an orchid root drink) or melengic (a wild pistachio drink)


Beverage pairing

Istanbul Modern - 10 Course, Family Style Mediterranean Feast - $75

Russian Hill, San Francisco
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