North American Insect Tasting

In-PersonRussian Hill, San Francisco


Pop-up space
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Banquet (20+ Guests)
We focus on Istanbul Modern defined as cuisine inspired by the geographies of the Ottoman Empire and as it manifests itself in a cosmopolitan Istanbul cuisine inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean. This menu is merely a philosophical exercise on exploring protein alternatives for a robust and diversified food system.

Menu detail

Welcome cocktail with Critter Bitters
Our friend Julia is the co-founder of this bitters company. Her passion for bugs is the biggest source of inspiration for this meal. The cocktail recipe is tbd.
Lobster with baby lobster, shrimp and cricket broth
We found some baby lobsters in the insect market in the heart of Mexico City, we're serving them with a lobster dish (which itself is an arthropod / insect), with a pepper broth made with shrimp and crickets from Oakland.
Tempura vegetables with mosquito eggs
Tempura vegetables are a common street food in Mexico, we celebrate this tradition with mosquito eggs.
Skordalia with chicatanas
Small Plate
Chicatanas are nutty ants from Southern Mexico. They're a delicacy, we serve them with a Greek dish that we often pair with nuts, skordalia.
Pork tacos with jumiles and chapulines
Small Plate
Chapulines are a Southern Mexican tradition, seasoned with lemon salt and chiles, they provide texture and brightness to tacos. This is how they'd be consumed traditionally. Jumiles are little 'true bugs' or hemipterans in the stink bug family.
Doughnuts with honey cream and chapulines
We use doughnuts as a blank canvas and serve them with whipped honey and chapulines!

North American Insect Tasting

In-PersonRussian Hill, San Francisco
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