Istanbul, mon amour, Valentine's Day

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At the geopolitical center of the Old World, Istanbul has always been a capital of love. Secret alleys, inspiring views, isolated islands, stimulating smells and sounds. Strict social rules, incredible underground and aboveground nightlife, many ethnicities and passersby. Istanbul has been the capital of art, music, cuisine and love for centuries. At Istanbul Modern, this Valentine's Day weekend, we tell the story.

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Simit and Yogurt Butter
Small Plate
This is our bread course. On their long walks on the Bosphorus, the strait that separates Istanbul's Asian and European sides, lovers will pick a simit or two, some to eat and some to feed the birds. Date molasses, sesame, a sweet yeasted bread dough. Crispy and warm. We serve simit with a tart whipped yogurt butter.
Small Plate
We serve our mezes family style small plates across the table. Here are the mezes we will be serving at this event. Please reach out to inquire about vegetarian alternatives. Armenian dolmas, grape leaves, mint, currants, pine nuts Cauliflower bi tahini, tarragon, pistachios, pomegranates Circassian chicken, Iranian barberries, spiced nuts Two more seasonal mezes inspired by the farmers market
Squash manti with foie gras and yogurt
Small Plate
Manti are Turkish dumplings, we celebrate them going East on the Spice Route to borrow from the Central Asian tradition of filling manti with sweet gourd. Then we go West and take the most decadent guilty pleasure, foie gras and elevate it with yogurt.
Mariniere, a la Turca with seasonal fish
Mahlab is the seed of a special cherry from the Caucasus and Mesopotamia. It's incredibly aromatic with the fragrance of bitter almond and cherries. We use mahlab in our sauce mariniere, a mussel broth based light sauce. We will serve the fish with a mussel pilaf with aromatic herbs.
Turkish rice pudding
In the absence of a pub or bar culture and a society that abstains from alcohol, Muhallebicis or pudding shops, have been a traditional first date destination for many couples since the turn of the 20th century. We bring the Muhallebi (the pudding) to you. Koji (fermented rice), orange blossom and pandan, seasonal fruit compote.
Beverage pairing, offered as an add-on
Please note that this is only included with the beverage pairing add-on. Sultani - Pomagranate kir, homemade pomegranate liqueur, cava Raki - Green grape raki served with mezes Peloponennese Aghiorhitiko - Black cherries, blackberries, plums, dried herbs, medium-bodied, crisp and elegant. Greek assyrtiko -- Mineral, aromatic wine paired with the briny fish course. Melengic coffee -- Wild pistachio coffee, earthy, rich, unique coffee experience to finish the meal.


Beverage pairing, read description under dishes

Istanbul, mon amour, Valentine's Day

In-PersonMission, San Francisco
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