Istanbul Modern, Summer (10-course)

In-PersonRussian Hill, San Francisco


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north african, greek, middle eastern
The legacy of Istanbul, once Constantinople, the capital of four empires, is greater than meets the eye. It's the Bosphorus, Black Sea, the Aegean, and the Mediterranean; Mesopotamia, Balkans, Anatolia, Caucasus, North Africa, and Persia. It's the palace and the countryside, the business capital and the cultural capital. It's a little Turkish, a little Greek, Armenian, Jewish, Arabic and Persian. It's Istanbul Modern. We tell the story.

Menu detail

Simit and Yogurt Butter
Small Plate
We start our meals with a whipped yogurt butter, which we serve with simit. Simit is the most common street food in Istanbul, it's between a pretzel and a sesame bagel. But consumed in Istanbul more per capita than doughnuts, pretzels and bagels combined in the United States.
Meze, Georgian Grilled Eggplant Roll-Ups
Small Plate
We love to roll things in the Eastern Mediterranean. We like to make a pocked to stuff with vegetables, breads, fruits, or leaves. Eggplant is stuffed in many different ways. You can work with dried eggplant, stuff a whole eggplant or grill eggplant and roll it onto itself and fill it with mushrooms, walnuts, and garlic. That's what we're doing for this meze.
Meze, Roasted Peaches with Tarragon Pistachio Charmoula
Small Plate
This dish celebrates the flavors of California produce with a simple North African herb dressing called charmoula, the version we're using for this dish has tarragon and pistachios, which would be traditionally absent from the sauce.
Meze, Tender and Crispy Falafel with Herbed Tahini Sauce
Small Plate
The journey of the popularization of falafel has been an interesting one to observe, especially in Istanbul. Sayat never grew up in falafels but tourists expectations and demand have forced local business owners to create their own version. Regardless, we love eating them and serving them.
Meze, Summer Melons and Feta
Small Plate
We love the combination of sweet and briny, a refreshing bite of melon and a rich creamy feta triggers a childhood memory for most from the Eastern Mediterranean. The combination is popular every from Bulgaria to Istanbul to Armenia to Lebanon and North Africa. We love it too!
Meze, the Wild Card
Small Plate
We keep one Meze open for our creative project, a product that inspires us at the farmers market, or something that one of our other Middle Eastern specialty purveyors are excited about.
Corn and Pine Nut Chilled Soup, Dungeness Crab, Smoked Yogurt
Small Plate
This is the first dish Laura and I put on a menu back in culinary school. It's one of the first aha moments that not only was the soup fantastic but also we had palates that complimented each other. We love this soup, we're really excited to make it for you.
Roasted Leg of Lamb and Sour Grapes, Bejeweled Pilaf
Pull apart tender leg of lamb cooked with a pomagranate glaze and smoky Urfa peppers! We lighten it up with fresh summer vegetables and a pilaf studded with nuts, berries and herbs.
Labneh Panna Cotta, Stone Fruit Rose Compote, Brown Butter Hazelnut Crumble
We take your favorite 'fruit on the bottom' yogurt in a plastic cup combination to a whole new level. So excited to turn 'fruit on the bottom' upside down on its head.
'Liqueur', the Finale
We made it a custom to start our meals with simit and finish them with a home made liqueur. We've served cherry/mahlab, mastica, bergamot and Turkish coffee liqueurs before. We'll have to see which one of our infusions have matured at the time of the event.
Beverage pairing, only available as an add on
- Your first drink will be a seasonal cocktail. Currently we're serving what we're calling 'Turkish spiced rum', a rum cocktail that's seasoned with Turkish tea kambocha, rose and mint, or other seasonal spices. - Green grape raki is served with mezes (single) - We will serve a Greek assyrtiko with our corn course - We will serve a Turkish red with the main course - And we will finish the meal either with sahlep (an orchid root drink) or melengic (a wild pistachio drink)


Beverage pairing, see details in menu

Istanbul Modern, Summer (10-course)

In-PersonRussian Hill, San Francisco
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