Istanbul Modern & Seti's Table

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We often define our cuisine beyond Turkish, we're telling the story of the legacy of a cosmopolitan Istanbul, that is Balkan, Caucasian, North African, Mesopotamian and Persian. We're really excited to host this dinner with Seti's Table, who cooks and represents one of the richest culinary traditions of the region, Persian Cuisine. We are keeping the menu casual. We're really excited to join forces (i.e. flavors) to create a unique Middle Eastern experience.

Menu detail

Kashke Bademjan
Small Plate
This is a Persian dish of eggplants, walnuts, garlic, dried mint and kashk. Seti picked this dish for Laura and Sayat to turn into an Istanbul Modern dish.
Small Plate
We turn many things (vegetables, breads, fruits, dough) into pouches to be stuffed in the Middle East. Borekas can be made from phyllo, puff pastry, yufka or yeasted dough. We picked borekas (boreks or bouregs) for Seti to prepare for this event.
Shirazi Salad
Small Plate
Seti is bringing one of Iran's most refreshing salad's to appetizers. We're excited to celebrate the bounty of the California tomato season with Persian flavors.
Salmon Naya
Small Plate
Kibbe naya (Lebanese) or cig kofte (Turkish) are the fundamental Middle Eastern tartar. Laura and Sayat use the flavors from this heavily seasoned dish to make a delicate salmon tartar.
Shirin Polo & Lamb Karniyarik
Pilaf is a dish that unites all the countries on the Silk Route West of China. Iran is the birthplace of polo dating back to the first recipe in 11th century by Ibn Sina. This is the beginning of a tradition that created Ozbek polo, biryanis and jambalayas. Seti brings one of the most famous polos, Shirin polo or jeweled rice out of modern Iran. Sour orange, saffron, almonds, and pistachios make a sweet, sour, fluffy and comforting polo. We'll save the story of karniyarik (lamb stuffed eggplant) to the feast.
Baklava Cake and Pistachio Ice Cream
We will pair Seti's baklava cake with our home-made pistachio icre cream.
Beverage Pairing (available only as add on only)
Cocktail -- Gin Sekanjabin (ancient Persian summer sherbet) 4 oz White wine or raki -- Paired with mezes 4 oz Red wine -- Paired with entree 4 oz Eucalyptus and rose liqueur -- Paired with dessert. This is a traditional liqueur made by Istanbul Modern for all of their meals. 1 oz Other wine available for purchase


Beverage pairing

Istanbul Modern & Seti's Table

In-PersonRussian Hill, San Francisco
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