Palo Alto, CA


Chef Laura Fu began her culinary journey at 8, when she cooked her first packet of instant ramen. Deciding that there were better things to eat, she sat intently in her grandmothers' kitchens, voraciously eating and gobbling up bits of cooking know-how. At 12, she sold her first cake (English carrot), although the proceeds were far less than the bill of ingredients on her mother's credit card.
Her business sense improved while at the University of Michigan, and Chef Laura ran an enterprising catering business for college students craving southeast Asian fare to remind them of home. On graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chef Laura decided to go west and pursue her true passion, leading her to enroll in the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.
While at the Academy, she staged for a variety of San Francisco powerhouses, including the (now defunct) one star Masa's under former French Laundry Chef Gregory Short.
Since leaving the restaurant industry, Chef Laura has continued a private chefing business that has ranged from providing food for 100 in under $100, to intimate dinners involving foie gras and lobster, and private cooking classes.
In a parallel world, Chef Laura also heads up the International Operations team at Sprinklr, helping them expand their presence across the globe. Sprinklr is a private SaaS company creating enterprise software that allows employees across the front office to come together and engage with customers through one centralized platform.
Chef Laura grew up in Singapore, but now lives with her husband, Golf Coach Dan, and their four young children in Palo Alto.
Her current goals are to wake up past 10am, and convince her kids that mac n cheese doesn't always have to come from a box.