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Lee Eskin
Brooklyn, NY, USA


My favorite cuisine is Italian, though I find that East Asian cuisines are also consistently delicious.

My free time (which in the question/prompt for this field was for some reason one word, 'freetime') is spent snarkily correcting questions/prompts on registration pages, and also watching films.

Great dinner parties are something I have a strong opinion about. There should always be a table and many people enjoying good food, but the table should be of such shape and the people of such number that everyone can face each other and be part of one large conversation without being ignored or overwhelmed (it's fine if smaller conversations do break out, there just has to be the opportunity for such a communal conversation). That being said, I have a tiny Brooklyn apartment, so sometimes I have to compromise on the togetherness, the table, and/or the many people.

I would like to travel to Italy and (since I have already been there) East Asia (see my answer to 'Favorite Cuisine'). In addition, I would really like to see most places in the world, including (and especially) Antarctica, and I would also like to travel to space if that becomes an accessible option. Plus, I'd really like to revisit all of the places I've already been, including and especially England, Germany, and Israel. If anybody has a bunch of money and/or time I can borrow, that'd be really helpful. Thanks.