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Leigh LoftusFood Photographer | Brand Strategist for Chefs & Restaurants(29)
Chicago, IL


QUESTION: Aren't great photography skills a 'God-Given-Gift?'


Despite the widespread belief that photographers are born not made, photography is simply a Learnable combination of photographic ingredients!

I will teach you how to See Each Ingredient & combine them into one Simple Process!

After working alongside the Hospitality Industry for over a decade, I've taken all that I've learned and built The Chef Shots: an educational platform designed specifically to help the Restaurant Industry conquer their marketing efforts, teaching them how to produce the type of content that will captivate and grow their audience! (And I'm teaching all of it, for your Cell Phone!)

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  • Access to 1-on-1 messaging through Tastemade
  • Smartphone Food Photography Trainings Delivered To Your Inbox!
  • Basic Smartphone Camera Settings
  • How to capture live action shots
  • How to use Portrait, Foodie or Live Focus Mode
  • How to work with Natural Light
  • How to avoid the No.1 mistake in Cell Phone Food Photography
  • How to composre your shots like the pro's
  • How to quickly edit your photos to make them pop in 60 seconds or less!
  • And SOOOO, Much More!