How To Shoot "Drool-Worthy" Food Photos, On Your PHONE!

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Licking Your Screen Never Tasted SO Good! What’s up, I’m Leigh, a Food Photographer & the founder of The Chef Shots where I teach chefs & culinary pros how to improve their food photography through fun, interactive & info-packed online courses. I started my food photography company, We Are Loftus, back in 2009 when I was a broke Art School graduate! Now, 12 years, 1,694 Restaurant Clients & 215,986 Food Photos Later… ( joke, I counted!) I’ve taken what I’ve learned and broken it down into easy to follow, over-the-shoulder, bite-sized trainings. “How To Shoot “Drool-Worthy” Food Photos, On Your Phone!” Is a jam-packed training, that’ll set you up with a few KEY Food Photography principles, so that—with a little bit of practice— you too, can start transforming Your Food Photos from DULL to “Drool-Worthy!” See you on the inside! xx Leigh Learn more about: The Chef Shots: We Are Loftus:

Menu detail

Mise En Scéne
I'll reveal the Top 2 Causes of BAD Food Photography & how to avoid them... like the COVID! Then, I'll teach you how to master 2 Essential Food Photography Techniques & Start to create Jaw-Dropping photos! Like Mise En Place to your kitchen Mise En Scéne to your Food Photography!
PHONEtography 101
A few smartphone camera tricks to instantly improve your photos & give those “millennial” co-workers of yours a run for their money! 😜
Icing On The Cake
Next, I'll share my go-to editing tips for making your Food Photography POP!
A Cut Above
Most importantly, you’ll learn that making “Drool-Worthy” Food Photos isn’t a “God-Given-Gift!” It’s actually a set of Learnable ingredients, my job is to teach you how to see the ingredients and just like cooking, once you know the ingredients all you’ve gotta do is practice! Sound good?! Awesome!