Alter Eco Dinner

In-Person Mission Distric, San Francisco


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
Local, Organic
I feel so exited to be able to serve and share with all of you the flavors of my home town where I grew up. Juane is an artisan food that takes a long process to prepare. It is a live art. Traditionally, it is prepared by the grandma and mom, who carry this family traditions down generations, and who give the soul to the preparation. Each Juane is hand-wrapped in aromatic bijao/plantain leaves with ingredients that are cooked and simmered beforehand.

Menu detail

Small Plate
Fresh fish, cured with lime juice, herbs, roccoto, seasonings, onion, served with, Inca corn and crunchy corn(canchita). Portobello mushroom, lime juice, salt, herbs. Served with Inca corn and crunchy corn(canchita). (vegan)
Peruvian Beans Stew (frijoles)
Peruvian beans, garlic, onions, and seasonings. A creamy stew that goes well as a side dish for the juane.
Artisan Juanes
Small Plate
Chicken, rice, egg, olives, aromatic herbs and spices hand wrapped in tropical bijao/plantain leaves, boiled for an hour and half to release the aroma of the leaves to the rice. Before being wrapped in bijao/plantain leaves, the chicken is simmered with herbs and spices. Then, the juice from the chicken is mixed with the rice. Next, all ingredients are bathed with egg mixtures to hold the ingredients together during the cooking, and to give textures and enhance the flavor. Artisan Vegan Juane sub chicken with veggies and no cilantro (vegan)
Peruvian Creole Salsa
Red onion, lime, olive oil, Peruvian pepper, herbs and seasonings. This saucy salsa is to go with the Juanes, giving contrasting taste and textures. You can use it according to the spicy level you like.
Alter Eco Chocolate. Fruits for non dairy and gluten free eaters.
refresco de Maracuya/ Passion

Alter Eco Dinner

In-Person Mission Distric, San Francisco
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