Flavors of Peru: Lomo Saltado

In-PersonMission, San Francisco


Available for purchase,BYOW
Medium (10-15 Guests)
Local, Organic
In this meal, I am serving Grilled Octopus, Beet Salad and Lomo Saltado. Accompanied with the meal, we are also offering a very delicious Pisco Sour to open your appetite that you wouldn't want to miss, and a delightful Passion Fruit Tres Leches to end the meal. We use organic pasture-raised beef, fresh organic produce from local farmers market of the day, organic cage-free eggs.

Menu detail

Olive bread served in Peruvian Creole Style
Small Plate
Local artisan olive bread hand torn and toasted for a crunchy texture, served with charapa aji amarillo sauce, oil and vinegar, the way Chef Leo enjoyed in his childhood in Tarapoto.
Beet Salad
Small Plate
A popular salad in Peru. Diced beet and potato, boiled egg, parsley, lime juice, Charapa sauces, seasonings.
Pulpo al Olivo
Small Plate
Grilled Fresh Octopus, homemade beet leaves chips, arugula sprouts, spring mix, olive, and our own Charapa Aji Amarillo and Rocoto Sauce
Lomo Saltado
Organic pasture-raised rib-eye steak, hand-cut fries, tomato, onion, red wine, soy sauce and seasonings. Served with a side of Peruvian-flavored jasmine rice.
Charapa Sauce Duo
Small Plate
Red roccoto sauce and yellow aji amarillo sauce. Hear the story of how peruvian peppers are used heavily in its cuisine and try these two chef's sauces.
Passion Fruit Tres Leches
Traditional tres leches, with the delight of passion fruit.


1 Glass of Wine Red/White
1 Take-Home Jar of Charapa Sauce
1 Glass of Pisco Sour

Flavors of Peru: Lomo Saltado

In-PersonMission, San Francisco
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)