Royal Icing 101: Decorate sweet treats like a pro!

LivestreamLos Angeles, CA


Replay Available
Ever wanted to learn the beautiful art of cookie decorating? Those gorgeous creations you see on instagram are all done with royal icing. Well, before you can make those works of art, you've got to nail your icing consistencies. Let me tell you, it is the hardest and most important thing to master. Whether you've never made royal icing before, or if you're a decorator who can't get florals or lettering to look quite right, this is for you! This live experience will go deep into how to achieve the perfect consistencies to create beautiful dessert art. It will also help lay the foundation for my experiences to come! What we'll be doing: *Make Royal Icing *Create consistencies for florals, piping, lettering and flooding *Complete a practice sheet to cover piping basics *Flood a few cookies to kickstart your piping journey! *photos are my creations, we will not be recreating them in this course*


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