San Francisco, CA


Since I was a girl, I’ve dreamed of all things French: the fashion, the art, the history, but most of all the food. To uncover the magic of French cuisine, I recently traveled for six months throughout France, determined to discover and bring home a bit of that je ne sais quoi in French cuisine.

I studied under Susan Herrmann Loomis, one of the most renowned authorities on French cooking. While living in Susan’s 14th-century home for a month, I assisted her with tastings and dinner parties and helped test recipes for her upcoming book, In a French Kitchen (ask me about the time I burned the apple compote and the lesson I learned). Outside a French village, I harvested and sold produce at the farmers market with Baptiste, an organic farmer, who delivers vegetables and fruit daily to Michelin-starred restaurants. While working on a foie gras farm, I learned about French country cooking and preparing pâté and foie gras; I foraged for mushrooms, harvested walnuts, and preserved and canned apricots for winter confit. In the fall I headed to the organic, biodynamic French winery, La Gramière, for their vendange (wine harvest), where the vintners taught me how to select the perfect moment to harvest grapes, and how to remove the stems before storing the grapes in tanks. I spent time studying French pastry at a cooking school on the Mediterranean, perfecting my macaron technique. For my last month, I studied under master chefs at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

Now I’m bringing the joie de vivre of French cuisine to San Francisco. As much as I enjoy creating special meals, and teaching French macaron classes, I delight even more in sharing them with wonderful people. So I hope to meet you at a class soon!