Luck O' the Irish: Booze + Macaron Workshop

Mission, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
There's more to St. Patrick's day than corned beef and cabbage. How about the luck o' the Irish? And a decadent Irish coffee to go alongside, or perhaps some icy champagne? Because, let's be honest, sometimes a little extra luck and some booze are all we need to perfect the French macaron. Join me for a delightful experience as I demonstrate the art of the French macaron while you sip Irish libations. With the participation of volunteers, I’ll walk you through each step of this tricky delicacy: we’ll bake the cookies, play with decorations (hello metallic dust, pink pearls, and sugared hearts!), and get creative with buttercream fillings. Once our macaron shells have cooled, you’ll get to decorate and fill your own, and take home my prized recipe packet! Together, we’ll make even Ladurée drool. I look forward to hosting you!

Menu detail

Crisp, cold bubbly to get the creative juices flowing!
Irish Coffee
A decadent concoction of freshly brewed coffee and Irish whiskey topped with a cloud of cream.
DIY French Macarons
Ever so sweet, chewy, yet delicately crunchy macaron shells filled with: Whiskey chocolate buttercream Mint chocolate chip buttercream Shamrock pistachio and tangy lemon

Luck O' the Irish: Booze + Macaron Workshop

Mission, San Francisco
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