Hands On: French Macarons & Mimosas

In-Person Dogpatch, San Francisco


Medium (10-15 Guests)
Gluten Free
An old wive’s tale says that French macarons, those sweet, chewy, yet delicately crunchy confections, are impossible for an amateur to conquer. Under decorated French chefs, I studied the trade secrets, then practiced relentlessly in my own kitchen. I’ve made great sacrifices (eating hundreds of macarons and dipping my fingers into the buttercream) to bring you a simple, foolproof recipe. I’ll explain why each step is important, so you can recreate them in your own kitchen. Join me for a delightful morning as I demonstrate the art of the French macaron while you sip Champagne. With the participation of volunteers, I’ll walk you through each step of this tricky delicacy: we’ll bake the cookies, play with decorations (hello edible glitter and sugar flowers!), and get creative with buttercream fillings. Once our macaron shells have cooled, you’ll get to decorate and fill your own, and take home my prized recipe packet! Together, we’ll make even Ladurée drool. I look forward to hosting you!

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French Macarons
Chewy, delicate macarons with a variety of holiday fillings and decorations

Hands On: French Macarons & Mimosas

In-Person Dogpatch, San Francisco
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