Lindsay Smith
Tustin, CA


Born and raised in Laguna Beach, sisters Summer, Danielle, and Lindsay were all brought up by mother Vicki, father Michael, and stepfather Ken. Vicki, an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Naturopathic Doctor in Laguna Beach for the last 20 years, Ken, the owner of Island Soap & Candle Works for the last 15 years & president of Orange County’s Heidi’s Frozen Yozurt for over 10 years and Michael, a landscape gardener in Laguna Beach for 20 years, now an American Indian Art & Antiquities dealer for the last 15 years in Santa Fe, NM, were all an integral part of raising the family to be health conscience vegetarians and are equally commended for raising 3 independent, strong willed and driven daughters. Among all culinary mentors, Lindsay has been inspired by her Mother Vicki who created the love and passion for food growing up that Chef Lindsay now embraces.