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Kirkland, WA


At my very depth, I am a creative soul but when my mom started me off in the kitchen making the Monday night meal ... my limited choice was the dreaded, soggy meat loaf and the traditional, yet boring spaghetti.

As is typical to many of my astrological sign (Cancer), I love home, family and friends. I see food and the dining room table is a way to build family--or a community--by communing over 'art.' I particularly love being able to end a meal with an apple or marion berry tarte using the produce from my own, or a neighbor's backyard.

Being a former flight attendant offered my palate the flavors of the world ... living with Indian roommates introduced me to traditional Dogra family homestyle meals ... studying in FRANCE avec ma famille francaise taught me the simplicity of cooking with whole, fresh foods from the open market ... hosting Asian exchange students has opened up yet another world of recipes and a variety of flavors.

During this time of transitioning from stay-at-home-mom to fully supporting myself and my children has been a time of pulling out all the skills I have and creating an income from them. My artistic spirit has found financial sustenance teaching French, producing videos/marketing, writing and doing political strategizing ... and what's funny is that my 10-year old daughter has been saying for months that I should add chef to my repertoire!

'Creating something beautiful and sharing it with others.' That's my daily mantra. And when I die my tombstone will say, 'Her life was about bringing people together.' and their many chefs are bringing people together one meal at a time producing lots of laughter, stories, sharing cultures and full stomachs. I am happy to be a part of that.