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Seattle, WA


Logan Cox has contributed to a myriad of restaurants across the map. Cox made a pilgrimage to Italy where he found his mentor Lorenzo Polegri of Ristorante Zeppelin in Orvieto, Italy. Back in the United States, Cox earned a basis in French cuisine working with Chef Bob Kinkead at Colvin Run Tavern. He can also count Tom Colicchio's Voysey's in South Carolina, Veritas in New York, the restaurant at The Goodstone Inn, and Colvin Run Tavern in Virginia as sources of culinary inspiration. In 2008 Cox took over the kitchen at New Heights Restaurant in Washington, DC. In June 2011, Cox was named Executive Chef of Cleveland Park’s Ripple. In 2013, Restaurant Homer was created by Cox and his wife, Sara Knowles. Homer is serving Mediterranean and Middle Eastern inspired cuisine, influenced by the ingredients of the Pacific Northwest.